Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Who were they?

On Saturday, I decided to hang out with my sister. We were to meet at Ikoyi, go to Lekki and then the mainland. On the way we (I was with my daughter and a friend) got held up in traffic. I was so sure that it was a fuel queue "go-slow" that I tuned my mind off and decided that we would get there when we get there.

We were stuck on Kingsway (In front of the British Council) for almost 20minutes when lo! and behold a siren was heard and Mobile Police officers started weaving through traffic. First one, then another, then another, then another and yet another. I wanted to see what car/entourage was vomitting all these people out but could not see that far back. Needless to say, the traffic started moving. We got to the front of the Church of assumption and saw that it was a wedding ceremony that was holding us up. For those that don't know, the church is about 2 minutes walk from the former british council office) and we spent 20 minutes doing the distance. Arrgghh! Anyways, what was more interesting was that there were about 2 large trucks for conveying mobile police men there. There was a Black Maria (I don't know how to explain this one o!) and several other vehicles that indicated a strong military presence there. My friend who is one of the people readers claimed to recognise several "dignitaries" as we passed the church. Okay, so one society wedding on the island, the traffic is over. I can deal with that! or so I thought.

After meeting with my sister, we headed out. Near the shopping mall, there was traffic again. This time, just some police men and a smattering of mobile police men. Two wedding! Apparently one of them jammed to the teeth with some sorta "dignitaries". After some delay, we were allowed to move. I must not forget to mention that this particular group actually barricaded the road and refused to let anyone go through for a long time. How dumb is that?

On our way to the mainland, there was another hold-up near MUSON center. This time, there was a bomb squad complete with several K-9's -massive dogs, several trucks full of mobile policemen and of course plenty of "foot soldiers". This wedding obviously had a really really important dignitary.

My questions are: "Who were the people getting married and more importantly, who was attending?" Does any one know? Baba-Alaye?


  1. Look at next months Ovation (do people still read that? or next weeks city peopls ;-)

  2. Hahahhaha! noni moss has said it all.. sheck out next weeks shitty people... you'll know who they are for sure!

  3. LOL. Efizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy naija style

  4. the daughter of the chief of army staff, i know cos i was a bridesmaid in the wedding...tee hee!!

  5. @noni moss: I really have not seen that mag around which is funny since it was really popular in the past. Cheaper glossies have replaced it, I guess.

    @nyemoni: Real shitty people o! If my friend buys it, fine. I have never bought that thing with my money. Rather give it to the needy.

    @Uzo: no be small thing o!

    @anonymous: Thank you for clearing up the mystery. And thank you for being one of those that contributed to the traffic. LOL!

  6. yeah yeah chief of army's daughther and some random guy . Loads of people missed the party because of the traffic . the reception was on a ship, boats was used to ferry people across the sea ! Sure some people would has wished they could walk on water to gate crash in .Imagine how people have nice parties without thinking on how it would affect fellow Nigerians adversely.

  7. Chief of Army Staff's daughter hmmn? Hope we get to see the pictures in Ovation or City People soon. Reception on a ship!! Tehee!! No way u're gonna gatecrash that -unless u attended with some other dignitary!! Na Wa for Lagos!!!


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