Friday, January 26, 2007

Acceptable or not?

Keep your sneeze to yourself
Don't share your germs with anyone else
Grab a tissue off the shelf
And keep your sneeze to yourself.
.............Barney and Friends

I did not go to work today because I had a cold. Mmmhmmm, "just" a cold.

I have always wondered about the proprietry of calling in sick because of a common cold. I mean, it's not like you are dying! However, I was at work yesterday and went through so many tissues, sneeze, had to wash my hands so many times, sneeze, talk to people, sneeze, cry off a meeting, sneeze, attend to a few "clients", sneeze. Half my face turned red from all the exertion (I am kinda fair in complexion). I had a headache/eyeache felt miserable. I could not wait for work to end so that I could slink off.

This morning, I woke up feeling better, but determined that I would not go to work today. I'ld rather do all my sneezing at home. Besides, I reasoned, I have my colleagues' interest at heart. I did not want to spread the love...em...germs.

So what do you think? Is the common cold enough reason to call in sick? Or just a lazy person's way of avoiding work?


  1. I think it is - unless u live somewhere in japan where you could go around with a nose mask and still go to work. But seing as we dont have that in naija - then for others safety its best for me to stay at home. Have a good weekend.

  2. I think it is a good idea not to go to work because of that, some girl at my work had to be asked to go home cos of it.

    Hope you get well soon, take care and have a good weekend!

  3. Stay at home cos in the long run you're doing yourself and your collegues a favour. You'll be saving them from your contagious germs and you'll inevitable end up feeling run down and totally out of it. Better off just staying at home!

  4. Yes, avoid work by all means possible. My dear, the answer is a Y-E-S! There you have it. :)

  5. I'd say it's justified. If I sneezed that much I'm going to stay in bed all day.

    Make that in front of my computer all day :-D.

  6. I love your postings and the side-bars as well. What you'd really like is synching for 10 hours of sleep with your daughter? If wishes were horses...

    As for the Muson/Falomo church axis, it could have bn any one of the hundreds who continually jam up the area. lol@ the 'shitty' people magazine

  7. Hmm...interesting blog! Glad i came

  8. Yes My dear!! It is a good excuse!! Hope you bet better soon. Cheers!!!

  9. pele pele. I hope u don't pass it to your kid.

    I love your blog infact it was one of the ones that inspired me, maybe by the time I get all the burning issues off my mind, i would start gisting about everyday occurrences like you.

    Right need I feel the need to document some burning issues and adventures before my memory starts dimming, so am starting off with the hot juicy stuff first before I move on to the warm issues.

    feel free to pop into my blog and leave some comments but mind u its not for the faint hearted for now.

  10. I hope u feel better though....I am irritated by people that sneeze, cough and blow their noses around me...LOL..So its great to stay home

  11. Thanks for staying home....It's not fair when people on public transport and in offices keep sneezing and snuffling and spreading it all around

  12. It's a good enough reason to call in sick. Your colleagues will thank you for it later. Maybe not - some could very well want an excuse to call in sick as well. Hope you feel better.

  13. for me its more than enough reason...the sneezing, running nosy makes you less productive or not even productive at all.... then u pass the germ to other people? abeg...i go stay home well well and make the most of lieing in bed and sneezing... :)


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