Monday, April 30, 2007

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Why is that when I have serious work to do, I can't seem to keep my eyes open? For at least 5 weeks, my alarm has been set to wake me up at 1:30 a.m in the morning so that I can do some studying. Every single night, when that alarm goes off, it's either I keep hitting the snooze button for almost an hour and then finally turn it off or I just turn it off immiediately and give myself one reason or another why I can not be awake.

I have had a hard day. (well, cry me a river)
I studied sufficiently during the day. (Big Lie!)
Or the biggest lie of all: I can make up for it by putting in extra study hours later that day.
I never woke up and studied. Never!

Well, now that my exams have come and gone, I suddenly find that I am actually up way past 1:30 a.m watching The complete blah blah season of something or the other: Desperate Housewives, Prison Break. Grey's Anatomy has been scheduled too.

I wish I could study this dedicatedly.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My vote

Today is election day. Several people have asked me who I will be voting for. My answer: Jimi Agbaje.- the candidate that asks : Do you want same of same or do you want Jimi Agbaje?

My decision has nothing to do with the countless text messages and e-mails I have received asking me to give this 50-year old gubernatorial candidate my vote. It stems from the fact that I have caught the JayKay fever. A fever that promises a Lagos that is befitting. It promises to “ halt the production of area-boys”, turn Lagos into a “cosmopolitan city” and generally provide adequate infrastructure for Lagosians.

For me, voting is a big deal because if my candidate wins, I feel responsible for his failures and only mildly responsible for his successes (because he is supposed to succeed anyways). For this reason, I am careful when it comes to voting.

So Mr Jimi Agbaje, I will give you something that is important to you (my vote) in the hopes that you will give me some things that are important to me

*Good Governance
*Street Lights
*Removal of Area Boys from our roads (Please
don’t be like the current regime and give them uniforms in the hope of deceiving
us into thinking that they are now “employed” citizens. They need a mind change, not uniforms)
*I heard you say that you want to retain LASTMA. Not a bad idea,
as long as they are put on a leash.
*Please take care of the police in the state so that they can stop hassling people like me.
*New roads/ alternative means of transportation

There’s still a lot I want, but I think you covered it all in your agenda.

Good Luck! May they not rig you out.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yet another public holiday

Late yesterday evening, I learnt that the government had declared today- Thursday and Friday Public Holidays. I was not amused. Yes, I work and I like to get a break off work without tampering with my leave days. In fact, when I enjoy working on public holidays as the roads are free and I get paid overtime for doing my normal duties. That said, I think that it is really just ridiculous and I think a bit irresponsible to declare public holidays just for the sake of it. Already, Saturday will be an election day (Local Government and state) and we have been "advised" to stay at home from 7a.m-6p.m. I really don't mind for myself, but what about having a little respect for the economy? Other countries try as much as possible not to disrupt their economy. Besides, there are people that live on what they make every day so if for any reason they are unable to work, they may not be able to feed that day.

A friend of mine suggested that the public holiday was given to frustrate Atiku's political ambitions as the Supreme Court was supposed to pass their verdict on his case (his name was removed from the list of presidential aspirants). It is possible that the verdict passed would let him join the race again but if there are public holidays, they really can't pass a verdict and he may then not be a contender after all. I really don't know how true the story is. Whatev, it's just plain irresponsible.

Since I am on the subject of politics, let me tell you what happened yesterday. Some woman was passing out flyers and asked that during the local govt elections, I vote PDP. I pointed out to her that there hasn't been steady (actually ANY) supply of electricity since January and that for that reason, I had absolutely no incentive to vote PDP who had ruled the land for 8 years and not solved the problem. She went off again about how "my sister, you know that AC/AD has been ruling Lagos that is why..." "Why What?" I countered "There is no light in Nigeria as a whole, not just Lagos". Then she gave me the dumbest response of all "That is why you should vote us in again, so that we can continue to work on it".

I am not a big fan of politics and voting but I did tell her that based on her inane responses, I would go there that day and using tombo tombo, vote for ANY party apart from PDP. Really I won't, I just wanted her to know how unintelligent her answers were.

I can't wait for the elections to be over.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Technology-The Concluding Story

Very briefly, the washing Machine got returned the day I typed the post and I lost all the data on my laptop.