Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here and there

  • I have driven so much in the last month (or perhaps its just that I have driven in a whole lot more traffic than I am used to) that I actually now have nightmares about driving. Be that as it may, I still need to get to and from work starting tomorrow for the week ahead.

  • I remarked to a friend recently that for power, we practice load shedding in my area. That is, NEPA gives us one day off and three days on. She thought it was a delightful idea until I told her that the way it works out is that for the one day, we can be sure that we will not have any power supply. For the other three days, we cannot be sure we will have any power. For example, today is a day on and there has been no power all day. It was only restored at 7p.m. Here's hoping it will be on all night ( I berra wake up from that dream).

  • I just found out that my friend's husband had been physically abusing her. She either hid it well or I just was not discerning enough to see all the signs. The days she "stood me up", the limping, the not looking at people directly. Little did I know that she was struggling to stay alive. Some days he would lock her up in the house. She has left him and has started a new life.

  • The rainy season has started and Lagos is muddy, cold, hot and sticky. All at once.The good news is that things are no longer covered in dust. The bad news is that people keep tracking dirt into the house. I miss the dust....

  • In roughly 2 minutes, my sister will find out that my daughter has pulled her noise cancelling earphones apart. All hell will be let loose. I am just going to sit here quietly and ride out the storm.
  • I have been propositioned by a married man who wants me to be his mistress. He was my "toaster" before he got married less than a year ago (in fact, long before he met his wife). 3 months before he got married: All over me. About 3 months after getting married he started coming on to me again, subtly. 4 months ago, he stopped being subtle. This guy has pictures of his wife plastered all over his phone and has her number saved as "My darling". I wonder how his darling would feel if she found out what he has been up to.

  • Nepa just took light. It's 9:14pm

Thursday, March 06, 2008

On my mind

This is difficult for me to admit, but I am just going to plunge in and do it!
The other day I was watching a movie and there was a couple just doing "couply" things. Looking content and at peace with the world. My reaction would not have been different if I had been sucker punched. I felt a real pain in my gut that gradually moved northward and settled in my heart.

I want a boyfriend. Do I need one? I think I probably do. I have this need to be part of a couple (and yes, that also includes the not so at-peace-with-the world things too). Only thing is, I don't ever get to meet anyone. I go to work, go home. Go for meetings outside of the office, go home. Go for worship on Sundays, go home. I am sure you get the picture.

These days it seems the only way is through the matchmaking antics of friends. I certainly can't just walk up to a guy and tell him that I am interested. My own is as good as finished in Lagos if he turns out to be the sort of jerk who misinterprets that as meaning that you are a desperate maybe even promiscuous girl.

And then because I am a single mother, it is just a tad bit more difficult because a lot of people tend to get put off. And I use the word people because the guy may think nothing of it and then go home and mention that he just met a single mother and his mother, father, brother, friend will advice him against it. This does not bother me as it is a good way of seperating the wheat from the first layer of chaff.

Anyways, I do need to meet someone. Any ideas?