Sunday, January 21, 2007


If you read my post on friendly wahala, I said I was going to bring y'all up to speed with resolving my wahala.

Friend 1: I asked her for my money and she offered to give it to me in 2 payments. I put my foot down and today, I proudly have a cheque with my name written on it plus the full amount she owes. Naturally, I am never ever doing business with her again. Once bitten...?

Friend 2: I have stopped calling her back and she seems o.k about it. Not that it matters if she was okay with it or not. My mind was made up.

So I got sorted!


  1. Lol. Well, at least you've learnt your lesson with those two. The funny thing is that when they desperately need from you and you refuse, the thought of what they did is very unlikely to cross their minds.

  2. Well good for you! I'm pretty sure you will enjoy cashing in the cheque.

    And like Azuka said - it will be very funny if she comes round again.

  3. Now you can feel better knowing that all is resolved and you can move on knowing that yiu have learnt your lesson.

    Some people never pay back - but its good to hear that this one. A good friend of mine sillyly lent someone 3000 dollars (yep you heard) - they were supposedly desperate - elts just say the person has never paid back a penny and doesnt think he should. And the poor girl cant ask for her money back. Yes she has learnt her lesson, but she is struggling to move on from it.

    WE just thank God for all His small mercies. Have a blessed week.

  4. He He He. Well the important thing is that you got paid......

  5. lol... get your money mami!!! my mom's friend went to her country(in Africa) and war broke out.. and she needed to come back... she called her live-in boyfriend to tell my mom to send her money so she could come back and she'd pay back immediately she got back. my mom did... and the woman never paid back.. she said that she asked her boyfriend for the money and the boyfriend called my mom... so my mom should go and take the money from her boyfriend... my mom went to the boyfriend and the boyfriend said my mom should ask her friend cos her friend told him to ask my mom for the money.. suffice to say, my mom never got her 2,500 dollars back. The lesson to learn is... there's people... and then there's people


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