Sunday, January 14, 2007

Child Abuse

My mum watches Newsline every Sunday Night and tonight I caught a rather disturbing story while watching it with her.

Blessing James is a 12 year old girl who lives in a shanty/face-me-I-face you with her dad. She got involved in a fight with neighbor’s son. When her dad came back from work (he’s a butcher) and heard about it, he decided to “discipline” her.

His idea of discipline was to tie her up, stark naked, for two days without food. She kept crying but he left her there. Neighbors could hear her crying so they came to plead with him to untie her and let her go but he refused. He wasn't with showing that he was boss.

He beat her on her legs with a cane. At a point, he submerged her hands and feet in hot water. Naturally, this was followed by screams. It took the neighbors calling the police on him before she was released. They had to break into the room as "Daddy dear" was not around.

By the time, she got to the hospital, she had developed contractures as a result of the burns. What this means is that her fingers and toes have bent and stiffened into place. She will need plastic surgery to straighten them out.

Hmmm! These stories seem to keep coming. We are still reeling from the sheer evil that is the story of Reverend Dr. King. Now this.

My theory is that"Daddy Dear" probably went to work, got pissed off by some colleagues but could not retaliate because he’s a coward. Got home, heard that his daughter was involved in a fight and decided to vent his anger on her. People that do these to children are usually cowards.

There was nothing said about a mother or siblings. "Daddy dear" is at large and the girl’s aunt is helping the police in locating him.

Another mentally and physically scarred child. And unfortunately, not the last.


  1. This really is heart rendering. I can only but imagine how the girl must have felt. It's such a shame that such crimes continues to persist in our country and yet we hardly blink an eye until some serious damage has been done. I feel so sad for the girl. I mean, she is only twelve!

  2. Oh gosh that is really horrible :o(

    God help us!

    Anyways on a brighter note (or is it really brighter - check out the M word on my blog xxx)

  3. My mesg didn't save! This is a horrible story. Poor girl.

  4. this is so horrible. the man simply took out his frustration on the poor child.

  5. Wow.....Really really sad...His concept of punishment is mind boggling

  6. I just read the dr. king story.. what a horrible man.. i don't even know where to begin about him... this is just terrible!!! Some people really think they're above the law and live in their own universe.. but what sort of person allows themselves to be brainwashed to that extent?!

  7. this is very sickening - a father do this to his own child. What form of cowardice is this - to do this a child. im sorry but this saddens me and think its a deliberates action, is unforgiveable. But what then can we do.

  8. What a sad story. And I can't believe the story of Rev. King! What a beast. He deserves everthing he gets!!

  9. The world is indeed a crazy place... what with people giving acid baths to others who 'offend' them and peeps setting others aflame to 'discipline' them... Its a Mad, mad world... It's only by His grace that we survive everyday.

  10. It's a sick country. These things happen and no body bats an eyelid.

    But talk about sex peren! The whole country/ Blogger boils over.


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