Friday, November 23, 2007

I work!

A few months ago, my doctor told me that he felt I was suffering from depression and his prescription was that I get a boyfriend. I told y'all about it in this post. I was not about to follow up on his depression theory - maybe because as an African, I believe that there is nothing you can't grin and bear. It may also have been because I felt that I could do nothing to help my boyfriend-less state. You see my life follows a very structured pattern: I go to work and I go home. Sometimes, I go out at the weekends to get my hair done, my eyebrows shaped and un-needed hair waxed. In all that time, I have never been approached by a guy and never felt motivated to approach anyone. I had not been to even the movies for over 3 years. Going to watch a theatre@terra play was just because I wanted to show solidarity to a fellow blogger.

So, my doctor's theory and advice went to that portion of my brain where all things un-important reside. And I continued like a machine to go through the everyday rigors of life >>>>> Until, I got introduced to some dude. The first day we ever interacted, he wanted us to go out for drinks 2 hours later and I almost ran away. I thought he was rushing things...*yes, stupid me*. We ended up going to watch a movie the following day and 2 months later, we are still hanging out, seeing where it goes.

This post is not about him. He is great and all, but this is about me. My major trip about the whole thing is that I work! I work!!! I thought that I could not get with anyone again. Thought I was too disillusioned for marathon texting and 2-hour calls. Grateful that I can make plans for dinner, dancing, a movie, drinks, coffee…and not think that the heavens are going to come crashing down on my head for daring to even think that I can be young and free again.

Reading over what I have written, I admit that it sounds a bit theatrical, but I don’t care! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I work!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

An Unfortunate Accident

My cousin's driver was taking the children (aged 6 and 4) to school the other morning and was unfortunate to be involved in an accident. He killed someone. A little girl. It was a hit and run.

The details are a bit sketchy but from what I gathered, seconds after the driver realised what had happened, he stepped on the gas and zoomed off with a fleet of motorbikes a.ka. okada racing after him. "Luckily", the roads were free and he was able to out-race them. He eventually got to the house and dropped the children off safely.

I heard this story and after I had gone through a range of emotions, I wondered what had made me so callous about a human being's death. I was sad someone died, anxious that the driver and the children would be caught and certainly would have had jungle justice meted out to them. Relieved that the roads were free and that they were able to get away. If that had been my daughter on the road, I would not have had a different set of emotions. Blinding grief at her death and raging anger that the perp got away. Overall, I was more relieved than anything.

My rational mind would not have minded if the driver got caught and was forced to face the law. However, my Nigerian/Lagos mind that knows how things go knows that if he had been caught. The mob would have burnt the car, given him the devil of all beatings *or even burnt him along with the car* and certainly harmed the children that were in the car with him. At the very least, those children may not have been physically harmed but would not have been able to get home seeing as the driver they were riding with would have been in no state to take them home

I am at a loss as to how to end this post, my feelings and thoughts on the matter are all jumbled up. Jungle justice or saving the lives of 3 people?