Thursday, June 22, 2006

My 2nd Welcome message

I have finally been seduced into starting my own blog. After months of reading those that belonged to others, it made sense to start my own. If there are other blog surfers like me, then I should be able to get quite an audience.

As a blog surfer, I have noticed that a lot of 9ja bloggers live abroad. I am firmly in Lagos and have no immediate plan of leaving so I will be giving nostalgic stories about what is going on here in Lagos. Living here gives one an array of ready topics to discuss. You know, now!

If I do not submit anything for a few days, forgive me because that will largely be the fault of PHCN/NEPA for not providing me with the requisite power for my laptop.

If my writing is not coherent, it will be because I drove on pot-holed roads and this disturbed my equilibrium to such an extent that it affected my thinking and consequently my writing.

Typos? Blame that on the fact that water has not run for days and I am trembling from having carried so many buckets of water.

If I seem hurried…, alright, I will stop here and just stop being the typical Nigerian that blames everything on the government and everyone else but myself.

Get me right, I do blame the government for a lot that goes on, but I am also smart enough to realize that somehow, I am also to blame. How? I am a Nigerian that is why. Well, for one thing, I would probably cheat the government in a second I given the opportunity. I don’t mean anything terrible, just withhold my taxes or some’n. Although thinking about it rationally, that may well be because I do not believe that my tax is treated with the respect it deserves.

O.k, so much for a welcome message. It started being about something and then I just branched out and suddenly branched out and became about something else. Just typing as I think. See y’all later.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My 1st Meme

My 1st Meme

I have discovered memes. They are a great and easy way to get to know people. You can tell a lot about a person by reading between the lines and also by seeing what a person's views are.

This one asks that you stipulate your favourite:

1. person: My daughter, Miss B. Followed closely by my mother. (I just had to be an oliver twist with this one, can't give just one answer)
2. movie: Splash ( Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah), because it was about love. I have always figured that love had to be unconditional. Theirs was.

3. book : Really cannot say. I READ!! I mean what category? I have one for any you want to mention.
4. pastime: Reading
5. season: Harmattan or rain is all we've got. I will swing with the former despite the cracked lips.
6. tv show: I don't do TV anymore. I have too much taking up my time and some things had to go.
7. color: Blue, blue, glorious blue!
8. item of clothing: My green A-line corduroy skirt. I always feel feminine when I wear it.
9. childhood memory: Christmas
10. food: don't have any, just make sure the food is well cooked.


I have had the funniest experiences in my life in buses. Yes, the ubiquitous yellow and black buses that are positively a nightmare for anyone who has a nice car, a jalopy, come to think of it even for the very passengers and pedestrians.

I went to school at LASU and this was an hour bus ride from my house and 2 hours back. For the whole of my 1st year, I had 7 o’clock lectures every week day and so I formed the habit of waking up early and getting out by 6 a.m. In the beginning, it was an adventure because prior to that time, I had never had cause to go so far on my own. My world rotated around my home and once a week, I went with my parents to worship about 40 minutes away from the house.

I will be speaking about my adventures in the yellow and black buses shortly, because so much stuff goes on in there that really should be documented.I was thinking about a TV series at some time, but that was just a thought, not one that I could be bothered with trying to execute. Also, spending 3 hours a day for 5 days every week for about 3 years ( I got dropped off when they saw that my suffering had become plenty) has to be talked about.

Well, welcome to my site, this is my first post and as I am a newbie at this, please give me a few days to take off properly!