Friday, April 06, 2007

Technology-The Concluding Story

Very briefly, the washing Machine got returned the day I typed the post and I lost all the data on my laptop.


  1. June 4th 2007 huh? Girl you are moving way ahead of time!

    So sorry about losing all your data on your laptop. Girl, think about getting back up fast. Losing ur data mustnt happen a second time. Is the washing machine working perfectly now?

  2. shoot that musta hurt.. remmeber when that happened to me last year.. i went through withdrawal symptoms cos everything i mean everything is saved on my computer.. and i don't do backup.. on the brighter side.. happy easter angel.. hope it brings you every good thing you wish for yourself

  3. June 4th??? I'm sure you meant to write April 4th right?

  4. sorry about your data..i would be really sad if that happened to me..Now how exactly does one back up?


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