Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Technology showed me pepper

I typed this over 2 weeks ago. I will be back to give you the concluding story later.

So I just had the most challenging 2 weeks. Started with the washing machine. I put in my daughter's clothes in, pressed all the necessary buttons and on starting up, it made this awful creaky noise like something was stuck in the back of the machine and going round and round with the drum. I turn it off and check it out. Nothing.

Luckily, this washing machine (WM) is just 3 months old and so there is a warranty on it. Next natural course of action is to call customer care at the shop where the WM was bought. So I called Game on 2806000. They took down my details and the lady I spoke with told me that if they had technicians coming my way, they would come by my house. I was in no mood to go through the whole "that is crap and unproffesional" so I gave her my details just like she asked. That was 2 weeks a go. It took over 20 calls (one irate one) and giving those same details to 5 different people to get them to come and take a look at the machine. They could not fix it in my house so they took it back to their service center to work on it. This was on a Friday. They promised to return the following Monday. Tuesday at the latest. Today is Thursday and I am still WM-less. Naturally, I have taken to doing my daughter's laundry by hand. A waste of my time really as it takes too much time. A child's clothes are always more soiled than an adult's and they go through at least 3 outfits a day. I can't very well tell her to play less or be more careful because I am washing her clothes by hand. Hopefully, the people at Game will pity me and return the WM today. I have called about 30 times between Tuesday and today. That is from a mobile phone to Land line. Paying premium rates for a call within Lagos. E go better sha. If it was the last one we had, I would have been on my own as per sorting this out. At least for this WM, I have Game service Center to harass.

Then my laptop. It just keeps rebooting and rebooting. It's either the Operating System or the Hard Disk that has crashed. I can't ascertain which. I am big on warranties and after sales services so I picked up my phone and called the HP service Center smug with the knowledge that I had a warranty that I had not voided. "Sorry, we do not handle/work on/support HP Pavillions". I was floored. I mean they told me this same thing last year when I needed some sort of support for my last pavillion laptop. I thought they would have gotten their act together by now. Pavillions are the most sold HP notebooks currently. Instead, they asked me to send it to the point of purchase. Not difficult if we are talking about Cotonou. But America? The girl insisted that that was the only course of action I could take. Okay, Please help me back up my data before I send it off. " Sorry, we don't deal with software". Grrr!
I really need the data as all my baby's pictures from birth are there and I haven't backed up. I haven't decided what I am going to do as I do not want to take it to some technician that will do something to void my warranty.

I need a break.


  1. Ooops sorry girl - being WMless is an absolute nightmare. Hope it comes back soon or better still they replace it with a new one.

    Girl - get back up ASAP!! You cant afford losing all those important files, pics and other documents. I learnt the hard way and now cant be caught short anymore.

  2. Yah you're back!!! Hope you sort out your laptop as I know how that shit hurts. I dropped my laptop and forked out about £450 to retrieve the data on the HD. Very painful but oh soo necessary.

    Your washing machine woes - pele! Fingers crossed you get it back soon.

  3. Urghh.

    I hope they get the machine back to you soon.

    That's the problem I have with computer manufacturers. They don't provide support for the most popular brands. Same wahala with my desktop when I got it from emachines. I'm in love with it now though -- I've customized it to the max.

  4. Na wa o. So u mean, upon what d doctor ordered for u d last time, u still dey wahala? Anyways, i hope u sort it all sha. Pele o. How far with your househelp situation?

  5. pele dearie...as for technology, my wireless is acting up right now...

  6. Sawry girl... that's what most 9ja customer care ppl are about. They say we're on our way and 2 weeks later they still haven't left their place... I hope something can be done about your laptop.. bby's pictures are really priceless..Good luck!

  7. It doesnt just rain it pours...pele

  8. I cannot for the life of me fathom washing clothes by hand anymore! What would I have done if I were in your shoes? Probably asked some boys to put the washing machine in my booth and driven off to the sales centre and give them a very good tongue lashing!

    Well, i'm still of the sceptical mind that anything ever works in that country anyway!

    Maybe you can get someone who's coming to the UK or the US to sort out your lappy for you.

  9. heya, sorry oh.... and well done at washing those clothes urself... kudos to u... am not surprised at the tacky customer service in nigeria...very poor...even customer service here too is sucking...all the best anyway...

  10. ehyah..was wondering why u hadn't posted since..don't mind those game people..i hate it when getting a service is so stressful..Ok so have a great week ok.

  11. Its a burden we all have agreed to bear as long as we live in this earth.

    Take Charge!

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