Saturday, April 14, 2007

My vote

Today is election day. Several people have asked me who I will be voting for. My answer: Jimi Agbaje.- the candidate that asks : Do you want same of same or do you want Jimi Agbaje?

My decision has nothing to do with the countless text messages and e-mails I have received asking me to give this 50-year old gubernatorial candidate my vote. It stems from the fact that I have caught the JayKay fever. A fever that promises a Lagos that is befitting. It promises to “ halt the production of area-boys”, turn Lagos into a “cosmopolitan city” and generally provide adequate infrastructure for Lagosians.

For me, voting is a big deal because if my candidate wins, I feel responsible for his failures and only mildly responsible for his successes (because he is supposed to succeed anyways). For this reason, I am careful when it comes to voting.

So Mr Jimi Agbaje, I will give you something that is important to you (my vote) in the hopes that you will give me some things that are important to me

*Good Governance
*Street Lights
*Removal of Area Boys from our roads (Please
don’t be like the current regime and give them uniforms in the hope of deceiving
us into thinking that they are now “employed” citizens. They need a mind change, not uniforms)
*I heard you say that you want to retain LASTMA. Not a bad idea,
as long as they are put on a leash.
*Please take care of the police in the state so that they can stop hassling people like me.
*New roads/ alternative means of transportation

There’s still a lot I want, but I think you covered it all in your agenda.

Good Luck! May they not rig you out.


  1. I support Jimi Agbaje as well. It seems all the friends I respect voted for him. Hope he wins.

    Do you have a blog email I could reach you at? Or pls email me at I have a question for you. Thanks

  2. @Azuka: Amen!

    @everchange: I hope he wins too. I am sick and tired of same of the same and I am ready to try someone different.

    its Long, no?

  3. looks like our guy didn't win... was also rooting for him o!

  4. @nyemoni: Na wa, I am still in a bit of shock b/c it was almost like a done deal.

  5. I also voted for Jimi Agbaje..cuz he looks the part and i think woulda acted the part but alas he didn't win. I hope Fashola performs o....
    Thank God, at least Koro did not win...I for scream!

  6. Hi. I emailed you this past weekend. Did you get it?

  7. pity about Agbaje's failed ambition. But he gave them a very good run for their money. Unfortunately, those who support Agbaje aren't people who can queue for 4 hours in the sun or the rain, but he brought them out in droves nonetheless and there'll be other chances.


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