Monday, April 30, 2007

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Why is that when I have serious work to do, I can't seem to keep my eyes open? For at least 5 weeks, my alarm has been set to wake me up at 1:30 a.m in the morning so that I can do some studying. Every single night, when that alarm goes off, it's either I keep hitting the snooze button for almost an hour and then finally turn it off or I just turn it off immiediately and give myself one reason or another why I can not be awake.

I have had a hard day. (well, cry me a river)
I studied sufficiently during the day. (Big Lie!)
Or the biggest lie of all: I can make up for it by putting in extra study hours later that day.
I never woke up and studied. Never!

Well, now that my exams have come and gone, I suddenly find that I am actually up way past 1:30 a.m watching The complete blah blah season of something or the other: Desperate Housewives, Prison Break. Grey's Anatomy has been scheduled too.

I wish I could study this dedicatedly.


  1. lol.. so true.. during my exams.. i pray daily for inspiration.. cause it seems thats when i am most lacking of it. ihope you did well sha

  2. i know...its so easy to stay awake for unimportant stuff, and get lazy for serious stuff.hope the exam went well

  3. Doesnt it happen to us all?? When we need to do something effective in our lives, the distraction is huge yet dedication is max when we were just aimlessly roaming around! dang!!!

    How are you doing??

  4. yep! so do I! :-( hope u find a way out! :-)

  5. @ijeoma obu iheoma: Oh, yeah! I KNOW that prayer.

    @chioma: The exams went really well, thanks. I am always filled with energy the last few weeks before an exam. I think that is what has been saving me.

    @anon: LOL!

    @naijadude: I dey o! Glad to see you.

    @roberta: I think that finding a way out will be a long term thing. Glad you dropped by.

  6. Fortunately for me, i have programmed myself to respond to emergencies as fast as possible. Though, sometimes, nature says nah, you must obbey our!

  7. "I like work. It fascinates me. I could sit down and watch it all day."

  8. pele...
    it happens to almost everyone!
    The thngs we love to do , are never seen as a chore.
    My main problem right now would be updating my database....urgh!!! thank goodness school isnt forever!

  9. like U D said programme youself

  10. been there
    done that
    Seriously to say i was addicted to TV would be an understatment

    I do love Prison break tho'. Ahh just thinking about it brings fond memories

  11. this is not wierd.... it happens all the time...when I want to fast, that's when I remeber I like cake, when I have to study, that's when Lost comes on TV, when I want to pray, that's when sleep comes.... Girlfried, you have to FIGHT to do what you Will...

  12. lmao... with this post.. you're truly 'in my head'.. lol

  13. lolll - seems like we can all relate. How was the exam? When do you get the results?

  14. @ ugo: Programmed? Pray, tell how?

    @ Laspapi: Yep, that about sums it up.

    @bluntremi: The thngs we love to do ,are never seen as a chore
    It is also true for the food that we like to eat. Healthy stuff is boring and difficult to eat, but sodas and junk food hit the palate just right.

    @diary of a G: I will try o! If UD will let me have his secret to programming.

    @kafo: LOL! You sound like a recovering addict.

    @Nyemoni: I know, I know. The mind is willing, but the body is weak.

    @OWNB: Good to see you! Glad I made you laugh. Have you found the
    red shoe yet?

    @noni: Great to see you! I get the results in September. I am runnig over to your blog now to read. i hope you have updated o!

  15. Think am with laspapi on this one. Interesting post.


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