Friday, March 02, 2007

Tombo!! Tombo!!

Which do you think he is more loyal to? Nigeria or Arsenal? Country or football?
What about you?

P.S I think one of them should overhaul his van


  1. I'm not sure I cared about which he cared about.

    I did care abit the P.S. ;-) What an unroadworthy vehicle!

  2. lmao... I think the most important thing is that man takes off that safety hazard 'carton' commot for road... lol

  3. have you noticed that nearly all the danfo buses and molues in lagos carry either Man U or Arsenal Stickers?These world famous
    Clubs' stickers are hawked on the streets like pure water.

  4. The ARSENAL stamp is bigger than the (just kidding, u can't really tell).

    Hmmm...good question for me o? Jeez...I never really thought abt that question. Am I more loyal to my country OR to football? I know I'm loyal to Nigeria mostly during the football season...not good...

    Praying for a change. I want to give back so much, but I get mad sometimes at the way things are going in the country. I pray for Nigeria, get mad, then pray again...its like a continuous cycle...but I know "a change will come."

  5. lol

    I agree with ONB.

    Thanx for stopping by my blog.

  6. No tail lights, no brakes, no engine, no worries.
    The life of my country man.

    Club or Country? Those stickers are illegally mass-produced here (and done poorly too). Does this country play football? (In 1994-1996) we had one of the best teams in the world. Now, it's a charade.

  7. I seriously think the drivers' allegiance lies more in his fav football team than in His country... A lot of Nigerians prefer their fav clubs to Naija... the danfo should be kept off the road man!!!

  8. Club before country! All day long! Most British fans are the same way actually..


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