Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad Petrol in circulation

Apparently, there's adulterated/bad petrol in circulation. You put it in your tank and your car just either dies out in motion or refuses to start after it has been parked.

There have been no public announcements/apology from the sellers but one particular marketer has been pinpointed: Mobil. Whatever you do, don't get your petrol from them.

Garages and auto-mechanic workshop are getting swamped with complants and they are all traceable to this petrol. Stallion Motors should be able to corroborate this story seeing as they have a lot of cars to repair because of bad fuel woes.

Mobil, I love you and all but this isn't right. At least call it back from the filling stations and dispose of it. If this was America, you know you would. Otherwise you would almost get sunk by the class action suits.

I am not just talking for the sake of it. My car fell victim and I had to cough up cash I couldn't afford to get it fixed. If I was in America, Mobil will not only be paying for a new car, they would give me something for the emotional trauma I have been through.

'Nuff said.

DPR has traced the importation of this pertrol to Oando and they have been asked to pay damages. I wonder if their share price (which was at 173.00 last week and is now at 244.28) will be affected. Read about it here


  1. This is NIGERIA..welcome...

    Hope your car is ok now..pele!

  2. Yes..The Mobil thing seems true. I guess they must have gotten a bad batch and while i dont think they would deliberately get adulterated fuel, i think that now that it has been identified, they owe it to the public to announce it...

  3. @ aloted: Thank you, jare. Yes, I was able to get the car fixed. After changing 3 or 4 things. And to think I am on a strict budget this month. Nonsense!

    @ Uzo: I don't doubt they unknowingly got a bad batch. You are right, they do owe it to the public to announce it. The fact that they've said nothing/pulled out the bad batch shows their disregard for the safety of the populace. My car stopped on the road. Luckily, I had just descended fronm 3rd mainland bridge when it happened. If it had stopped on the bridge and I had been attacked by area boys, would I then get an apology? It's highly irresponsible of them.

  4. Sorry o! This is terrible. It happens a lot but it's hardly ever traced back to a big company like Mobil. I really do doubt they would knowingly do it, but hey, maybe they thought they wudn't get caught. that's really bad and i'm hoping for that public announcement, though i wouldn't hold my breath.

    How teengs (other than that)?

  5. Hey sorryooo. Glad you weren't on the bridge or some risky zone.And I hope my next nollywood star wasn't with you(yesoo, its by force).As for mobil and other oil companies, I just tire for them, the things they do here that they wouldn't try elsewhere. I guess they don't want to lose even a penny.But thank you for informing us, I am off to tell everyone I know.

  6. hrd abt this on nyemoni's blog i think!sad!

  7. you know in naija every body just act like want, cos they know they'll get away with it.

    I am fine,
    thanks for checking up on me.
    i'll update soon.

  8. @ Afrobeat: That publc announcement will never come. Teengs are great. Thanks for asking.

    @ for the love: It would have been another story had it clunked out on the bridge.

    @ pink-satin: Hey! Been some time.

    @ omohemi: I'll be looking out for that update.

  9. D mobil thn is true oh, loads of pple have fallen victims. Hp u get ur car fixed soon.

  10. MY CAR WAS A VICTIM!!! Yes! I was SOOO pissed. Thats 4k to fix that mess. We should sue!!!!

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