Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pictures In My Album

Sometime late this year, I started taking pictures of different parts of Lagos. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the nice looking parts (and there are a lot of nice looking places in Lagos). Thought I would share what I have with you. Unfortunately, I did not save all the pictures on my flash so I may have to share the rest with you some other time.

I was on my way to Surulere and made the mistake of going through Apongbon(?) bridge. Little did I know that a lot of construction work was going on in Lagos Island. I remained in the traffic for over an hour. I was the only one in the car so I spent some time taking pictures and rocking the Lionel Richie tape I bought for N100.00 on the bridge:)

A portion of the bridge was turned into a car park with Alaye Boys (Area Boys) controlling that particular business.

You can buy almost anything on the bridge. Hawkers abound.

Puff-Puff anyone?
Even an ironing board for your laundry..

I was on Eric Moore Street, Surulere when I saw these men fixing some electrical fault. Thy should win an award for best safety practice;)

Making a living under the bridge (Jibowu/Yaba)

The other side of the Jibowu/Yaba bridge

Fixing Bar-beach, Victoria Island (again!). It looks much better now. Will try and get new pictures.


  1. Good Old Lagos!!! Full of hustle and bustle as usual. Those traffic jams are always bloody!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Oh dang.. I just can't wait to go back next christmas.. its gonna be a blast forreal... seeing all this through my 'canadian' eyes will be so much fun.. Happy New Year gorgeous...

  3. That's naija for you..........kinda funny. Happy New Year. Niceblog.

  4. Insightful Pics!
    Happy New Year babe..
    Meanwhile, I just read your piece on your friend Bobo!
    Wow...tht is just the kind of inspiration/advice I need to kick start the new year!

    Thank U

  5. @ Calabar gal: Happy New Year to You too.

    @Overwhelmed: You are coming to Nigeria next Christmas? Great! Have a great new year too.

    @yankeenaijachick: Happy New Year to you too and Thanks on the compliment.

    @ bellanaija:I am glad that you got some inspiration for kick starting the new year. Happy New Year!!

    @ confusednaijagirl: That was 70% of the reason why I put the pictures up. I love seeing pictures of places I've lived in.

  6. Wow. I miss Nigeria. These pictures evoked a strong response.

  7. intersting pics, especially the electricians at work - LOL.

  8. @ Azuka: Eh Yah! Come and visit soon as you can.

    @ TLOASCM: Thanks. The electrician photo is actually my facourite. I laughed so much when I saw them that I almost missed a shot.

  9. Happy mnew year ma. Oh i just love my country. LOL

  10. Am I the only one who didn't see the electrician? Thanks babes for those pictures. You make me reminsce. Yaba na my area o.

  11. @ Uzo:Happy new year! Good to see you up and about and commenting!

    @ Desola: They are there are o! On the balcony. Just look to the left. There's one on a ladder and the other one is standing on the baclony holding the ladder in place for him. I wonder what would happen if Mr. Holder suddenly sneezes and looses his grip? LOL!

    Meanwhile, thank goodness we can finally access your blog.


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