Saturday, November 25, 2006


I was watching the news yesterday when I saw him...He has lost most of his black hair to gray or perhaps he used to dye it and since jail does not exactly support that sort of vanity his true color is showing. He has lost some weight (although that is not immiediately obvious as he's a man of considerable weight- maybe as a consequence of chopping up). His face was not shown at first because he was lying across 4 or so cheap brown plastic seats. The first thing that crossed my mind was " That has to be uncomfortable!' At a point he was helped up from the seats and his face showed that he was under some sort of strain. Several people rushed to him to support him even in his sitting position.

It was Alamieyeseigha, often described now as the embattled former governor of Bayelsa state. The news reported that he was suffering from some cardiovascular disease. According to news reports, on about two occasions he slumped while trying to stand on his feet. He rested his head on the table throughout the period of the proceeding.

I tried to dredge up pity for him in my heart, but found that I could not quite manage it. You see, I had watched a report done on Bayelsa State. It was a story of promises unfulfilled, projects left unfinished, the ill gotten gains of politicians rubbed uncringly in the face of the common man. I was dismayed and thoroughly annoyed to find out that even water was not provided for the common man. Majority of the indigenes in the state do not have runnning water and have to spend at least N200 a day paying for water to be fetched for them. This in a country were the minimum wage is N7,500 a month. You try and do the Math. This was when Mr. A was still in the UK. Next thing you know, he appears and claims that it is a MIRACLE! Apparently he slept in the Uk and woke up in Nigeria. No apologies to his people for what stealing money that could have been used to better their lives.

My thinking on this Mr. A issue is that if he had had the foresight to use some of the billions he stole to build a state of the art hospital in his state, he may be flown there now. Instead, taxpayers money will have to be used to fly him abroad for the operation he needs to save his life. No pity because I asked myself what would happen to the average Bayelsan if he developed this condition. He definitley would not have access to taxpayer's money to foot the bill for his surgery. He may well not even be able to afford to register at a hospital. In fact, his fate would most likely be ...death.


  1. Poor Alams.I dont feel any pity for him either. What i got a problem with is there are several other Governors worse than Alams.
    But Yawa hasn't gassed yet.
    Are they really flying the Idiot abroad? Who's paying?

  2. @baba alaye: Well, if the EFCC are half as efficient as they appear to be, Mr. A would have had his accounts frozen from the about the time of his arrest. Besides, he is the responsibility of the government right now, so they should be paying. That is how it's done in the West.About if they are flying him out, Yes they are. They are just making travel arrangements. Any minute now.

    @Uzo: .... they fall hard too.

  3. ...and here is praying that the rest like him fall too! Here's praying for the fall of IBB, ATIKU and all those who have contributed to the ill that has become our country. No pity party here, I think he deserves worse than he's getting.


  4. This is a totally unrelated comment.
    Is that you in the photo snuggling up with the baby? Goodness, you both look so tranquil - georgeous photo!

  5. @ Desola: I feel you. When they do these things they do, it's without caring about the average man on the street. They should feel the pinch too. Like I like to say " He has sown the wind and shall reap the whirlwind..."

    @PTS: Bless you for thinking that I can look that peaceful (and fine-actually I am prettier than that, LOL). Trust me, even in my sleep these days, I look stressed cos I have to keep an ear cocked for my chic! Its not me o!! I just gooogled that picture and used it cos of the qualities you saw: tranquil and beautiful.


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