Thursday, November 23, 2006

NEPA, mind yourself o!

I still call PHCN by its old name- NEPA

Nepa, Nepa, Nepa, your cup runneth over....We had almost constant elecricity in September. So much so that from time to time, my brother and I would actually wish that Nepa would strike and take their light away. You see, we have learned from experience to look a gift horse in the mouth. The normal trend is constant light for a month or two and then close to nothing for the following month or two. For this month of November, we have not had light for 24hrs straight. I pity our generator. I strongly believe that given the sort of work it has been made to do this month, if it had legs, it would scuttle away anytime we come close to turn it on.

And to make matters worse, it is HOT!! I called my friend just yesterday and she answered like she was dying. Alarmed, I asked her what was going on. Her answer: There was no light and she was lying down on her bed dripping with sweat because of the sweltering heat. Have a quick shower then. She had already had 3 and it was just 1 p.m. Put on your generator. It was overworked and was needed more at night. Besides, fuel isn't free.

Nepa, remember NITEL o! I remember when my cousin wanted to get a line. One of the requirements was that she submits a photograph of the house. Imagine!! That is in addition to all the plenty egunje (bribe) that she would have to pay to secure a line. She chased that around for almost a year, invested her time and quite a bit of un-official money but got no line. This was 1999/2000, not so far in the past.

Who remembers that NITEL now when all you have to do is spend 200bucks on a line that starts working immediately and even comes with free call credit. “All national trunks are busy" and waiting 30minutes for a dial tone has been forgotten. Who even remembers that Nitel owns and runs a GSM network? The average Nigerian will tell you that there are 3 GSM networks in Nigeria and not two. Nobody wants to tango with them because they bring bad memories of terrible or non-existent customer service.

A word is enough for the wise. Give us what you are supposed to
. In the words of Beyonce "Don't ever for a moment think you are irreplaceable".


  1. its been soooooooo horrible I recently read in the papers that there was a problem at ikorodu station , next it was that nigeria gas company did not supply gas ! I don’t know what is next i have missed my favourite soap because of them but all I can say is NEPA is going to extinction because it is the most endangered enterprise in nigeria today !!

  2. @anon: Of course there are always reasons given. how many of these are true, I wonder. LOL at them becoming endangered species.

  3. They'll soon be gone. I've always said that nobody'll cal that company 'PHCN' as long as they continue to misbehave.

  4. loved the post - That is so true - so there is room in the market for opposition. let us pray for one - maybe we will have more light in nigeria.


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