Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama sleeps on a Mouka foam mattress

Did y'all see this Mouka foam advert of Obama? It was in the papers on the day of his Inauguration. The cut off part says Great Mattress, Great dreams.

Think he should sue or come and collect royalties due to him for this ad?

Almost forgot to add that there were some claims that he is actually from around Rivers State in Nigeria and not Kenya as is reported. Obama is a Niger Delta boy! Yep, the crazies have started coming out of the woodwork.

And, what was up with banks and other companies taking out full page ads in the dailies to congratulate him? I don't get Nigerians, children are starving, there is no power and in fact there is a recession going on and we are spending money on adverts directed to a man that will not get to see them. And in the off-chance that he ever will, will not give any contracts (yes, nothing goes for nothing in Nigeria).

Run Obama, Run!! Don't let the crazies get you! And congratulations (me sef go try, who knows? He might just give me a contract to change the carpet in the oval room, LOL!)


  1. what??? lol

    Nigerians are CRAZyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. i missed the ad

    he should ask for royalties

  3. LOL!

    That picture of him sleeping and smiling is funny!!! Hahahahahahaha. I don't think I smile like that o!

    As 4 him being from Rivers....hehehehe. Okay o!

  4. Nig companies????????/ lmao
    if only they would use that money for something more productive....... like Obama gives a hoot.......

    Oh my, who ever started the Rivers story, gosh! lmao

  5. Lol at the advert. How are you, did you sleep the sleep of the innocent and free again today cos I called.

  6. My sister i saw the advert and i thought it was completely crazy!

    Naija we hail thee!

  7. Pls is this advert for real? Is gotta sue them or collect royalty o.

    I wonder why these institutions can't use the money for other things that will benefit the masses (hissed)

  8. LOL...Only in Nigeria!

    How are you doing?

  9. I won't lie - nigerians have frustrated me over this guy. I've lost count of the eye rolls I've performed for every Obama mail/adverts.

  10. lol...By the time Obama finishes his term(s) in office and never visits Nigeria or express any interest in our country,....that is when our eyes go shine!

  11. Funny. You should collect all the royalties on behalf of my brother Obama and pass them to me. I am actually related to Barack Obama. His grandfather is from my native village in Naija before he emigrated to Kenya to look for work. I will give Barack Obama all the money I collect from you. Not a lot of people know that I am related to Barack Obama. I hate to brag. I do not want people knowing that I am related to President Obama. I may be kidnapped for billions in ransom. Moreover, I do not want people getting jealous or smirking when they see me coming out of AirForceOne cos they may think I am using (undue / overdue) Presidential Advantage. As you may well know, I can no longer travel by public transport (a.k.a. scheduled commercial flights) anymore since my brother won the election. I now travel by super-size none scheduled private jets. I am not saying all these to get you jealous or anything, but I just how to say it so that you understand that it is not easy being related to the President of the United States of America. PS, if you ever want to come to America, call me. I’ll sort you out with VISO and free accommodation at my uncle’s place at the White House. I’ll also fix it that you meet my uncle in person. Okay? So, my dear fellow black African brethren (just like Obama and Martin Luther King are my brothers, and Michelle Obama my sister) please keep this information secret (by reading this comment in the dark… make sure no one is standing behind you cos they could read this message from behind your back and state secret blown. We don’t want that) but don't forget: pass all the money to me. Long live Black Power, Long Live my uncle Obama.

    ~ Yours trully,
    Secret Diary
    "The Secret Brother of Brother Barack Obama"

  12. Truly funny. If the guy ever gets to see this, he might take them to court o!

    My hand no dey! lol!

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