Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Farafina Reading

I went for the Farafina event on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was really late and left not long after as I had another appointment but I was able to catch the reading by both writers. I admit to not having read the book by Eghosa, TO SAINT PATRICK, but still enjoyed listening to him talk about it and how he had to set his PC to autosave every few minutes because he did not have a UPS and had previously lost some of his work to NEPA/PHCN. Kai, NEPA let someone say something positive about you one day!! I will buy the book as soon as I can head down to a bookshop.

I had read two of Nnedi Okoroafor-Mbachu's books and it was quite interesting to hear her speak on her particular genre: science fiction. I am of the opinion that there are not enough Nigerian children books available and was glad to find that a Nigerian author had written a sci-fi/fantasy book that is directed at children. Adults will love it too.

During the Q & A, Nnedi made a very interesting comment. Apparently, she was born in Cincinnati OH, and grew up in America but from the time she started writing, all her books were more or less Nigerian based. If you read the Zahrah series you will understand why I say more or less. I found something else she said interesting. " ...both my parents are Igbo, I am from Chicago... " LOL! I found that she even has a blog. Its right here. I read all her posts and found that she has a talented brother as well. You can view his website here. He draws, sings and more.

I applaud Farafina on their organization of such an event. I find that entertainment is hard to come by if you are not into pubbing/clubbing. This was a good way of relaxing and coming in contact with those whose words mean enough to us to cause us to spend time buying and reading their works.

Lastly, Bambuddha was a lovely venue. I have always liked them - You can have a lovely Sunday brunch there plus they have "mocktails" for people like me who do not like alcohol.


  1. Missed the Farafina event. Had to attend a meeting with my boss. When is the next one?

  2. @ ABJB: Have no idea but they always get the word out on time. One last question, did you grow up in Yaba area? The Araromi...

  3. I wish i was there but it wasn't for outa town pple i guess...

    Hope you're fine

  4. I was there as well and the best and funniest part for me was when Eghosa was talking about his book. He was dejected after receiving rejection notice after notice. Apparently his mother then rang him one day and said whilst you are sitting there wasting all your time one girl like this has written a book about "flowers" and now she has been published. The book about flowers tutrned out of course to be Purple Hibiscus.

    Parents. You gotta love them. Take care.

  5. Everyone is entitled to identify themselves as they please, but it really irks me when people say my parents are Nigerian, but I'm American. Efulefus are a personal pet peeve of mine.


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