Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here and there

  • I have driven so much in the last month (or perhaps its just that I have driven in a whole lot more traffic than I am used to) that I actually now have nightmares about driving. Be that as it may, I still need to get to and from work starting tomorrow for the week ahead.

  • I remarked to a friend recently that for power, we practice load shedding in my area. That is, NEPA gives us one day off and three days on. She thought it was a delightful idea until I told her that the way it works out is that for the one day, we can be sure that we will not have any power supply. For the other three days, we cannot be sure we will have any power. For example, today is a day on and there has been no power all day. It was only restored at 7p.m. Here's hoping it will be on all night ( I berra wake up from that dream).

  • I just found out that my friend's husband had been physically abusing her. She either hid it well or I just was not discerning enough to see all the signs. The days she "stood me up", the limping, the not looking at people directly. Little did I know that she was struggling to stay alive. Some days he would lock her up in the house. She has left him and has started a new life.

  • The rainy season has started and Lagos is muddy, cold, hot and sticky. All at once.The good news is that things are no longer covered in dust. The bad news is that people keep tracking dirt into the house. I miss the dust....

  • In roughly 2 minutes, my sister will find out that my daughter has pulled her noise cancelling earphones apart. All hell will be let loose. I am just going to sit here quietly and ride out the storm.
  • I have been propositioned by a married man who wants me to be his mistress. He was my "toaster" before he got married less than a year ago (in fact, long before he met his wife). 3 months before he got married: All over me. About 3 months after getting married he started coming on to me again, subtly. 4 months ago, he stopped being subtle. This guy has pictures of his wife plastered all over his phone and has her number saved as "My darling". I wonder how his darling would feel if she found out what he has been up to.

  • Nepa just took light. It's 9:14pm


  1. I am sorry about your friend but happy that she has moved on,the thought of any abuse makes me sick.

    A mistress? you? what a loaugh. Throw hot water on his face one of these days, that should teach him a lesson. Unam Ikot like him.

    I almost came home for Easter. Maybe it is good that I didn't, I hate the floods when it rains, but love the rains.Anything other than the scorching Lagos sun.

    How are you?

  2. Sorry bout ur girl, 10k God she was able 2 leave d yeye man.

    D married man wooing u sld jst go hm 2 his wife jo.

    Lol @ all hell breaking loose.

    10ks 4 stpn by.

  3. thank God she has left the jerk.
    I hate the rain 2 and will trade it for the dust and the sun and the heat.

    that man just married last year and just now he needs something new? Asshoole! he is.

  4. nawa o for mr married man...its amazing how some men live double lives.

    e yah..when shall we be delivered from the power of d way how far with generators? fuel dey???

    hope your sister didnt rake too much for ur

  5. Abuse and hiding is all too common...

    So how did your sister take the headphones thing?

    Driving - cant help it so i use loads and loads of music to help me through....

    Hope you are well....

  6. Wow, that's crazy about your friend o. Scary that she hid it so well. Thank God she's left.

    As for the proposition, wow...Nigerian men, men... gosh, HUMAN BEINGS!!!

  7. wow...I'm glad for your friend....sorry about the PHCN situation, it's not any better here at my for the married toaster...Let him 'GET THEE AWAY FROM YOU!' LOL!

  8. I don't understand how a man that plasters his wife's picture all over his cell phone, saves her name as "my darling" and also treats her like the best thing that happened to him since sliced bread and butter can ever want to cheat on his wife. With all these stories I'm hearing, why do certain men get married? It's really not by force...if u don't love a woman so much as to be with her, and only her, for the rest of ur life...then why bother? It's really not a crime to remain single and free to soar with the wind...

    Abt ur friend's husband physically abusing's really a sad thing, I'm glad she's found a better life now...

    Abt NEPA and the load shedding They used to do that in my former house area in Naija, never quite works out that way, does it? Nigeria, my

  9. So sad to hear 'bout the abuse. But relieved that she found the courage to leave.

    dis ur toaster, umm. na wa! :-)

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  11. Lord, i am soo sorry about your friend... thank God she left... is she ok now?
    Chai, NEPA!! those people can mess up eh.....

  12. i can imagine the naija rain~

    sorry abt ur friend o!na wa

    yeye shameless married man

  13. That married man-ti si kanga

    ur pal-glad she's out of an abusive marriage

    Ur sis& daughter-dont u just love kids-abeg she's showing signs of becoming a

  14. Thank God your friend finally found the common sense to leave the man. The unfortunate truth is that he must have been abusing her even before they were married. I believe that the aim of life is not that we do not go astray or act like fools but that we one day find our way back and wise up. I truly admire her courage.

    I actually never thought I'd miss Lagos, but your write up brings about bitter sweet memories. Now, I contend with tornado watches, terrible winds and occasional flooding. On the bright side, I can wait until the morning to iron my stuff cos I'm sure there will be electricity.

    As for your married friend, bone the pig. So soon after his wedding? Hello? Was he "forced" to marry her, is she giving him crazy and is he unhappy? If yes, tell him off, asap, unless of course you feel like making a booty call. . .

  15. On second thought, even if you do feel like it, find another prey, the guy sounds like a creep.

  16. Nepa is the bane of our existence in Nigeria. When I lived in Kano, the record in our area was 6 days straight without even a flicker of light.

  17. Dats so sad!! I am SUPER HAPPY she is out of his hands. D new trick Nepa learnt in my area is 15mins light n den 7 mins witout. As for mr cassanova nx time he comes or calls blank him, he is full of shit and u dont need such a pig in ur life. How is ur little gal doing?

  18. the power supply is your area is not a suprise to me, i cant remember the last time we had ligh for 5 un interrupted hours,
    sometimes i forget the gen set isnt the natural source of power as it has become the only dependable source of power

  19. Let's face it,African men can't do monogamy! It's not in our culture! This one man, one woman thing is an alien culture bought by the westerners and in our bid to be seen as civilised, we take everything that comes with it. Okay...I know someone will say "shebi it is written in the bible" but didn't the same bible say Abraham had two wives and king solomon had several?

    Anyway, given the ratio of men to women in this day, I think women should just be lucky to have a man shine their congo I'm only kidding o...but men...I no fit take am if man cheat on top of me yam?

  20. Naija and light...when will we have a president that will put that as his only target???

    It is well...

    Married men...I seem to attrack them like magnet...

  21. same with me here o. 2 days on, 1 day off. 4 d 2 days on, we may or may not get light if it falls on d weekday or saturday, but sundays we get 26 hr light (no kidding o).

    nah, cannot miss d dust o. in abuja, dust no d beans type wey una get 4 lag. No mud 4 me, nah. It's rained only 2ce.

    so sorry abt ur friend, shit happens all d time u know. & sometimes, one wants 2 deal with it alone

    thanks 4 dropping by my blog. though, y r u not surprised i said am shy? hmmm

  22. Wonderful blog, just discovered it today. You are on my blogroll :)


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