Friday, November 23, 2007

I work!

A few months ago, my doctor told me that he felt I was suffering from depression and his prescription was that I get a boyfriend. I told y'all about it in this post. I was not about to follow up on his depression theory - maybe because as an African, I believe that there is nothing you can't grin and bear. It may also have been because I felt that I could do nothing to help my boyfriend-less state. You see my life follows a very structured pattern: I go to work and I go home. Sometimes, I go out at the weekends to get my hair done, my eyebrows shaped and un-needed hair waxed. In all that time, I have never been approached by a guy and never felt motivated to approach anyone. I had not been to even the movies for over 3 years. Going to watch a theatre@terra play was just because I wanted to show solidarity to a fellow blogger.

So, my doctor's theory and advice went to that portion of my brain where all things un-important reside. And I continued like a machine to go through the everyday rigors of life >>>>> Until, I got introduced to some dude. The first day we ever interacted, he wanted us to go out for drinks 2 hours later and I almost ran away. I thought he was rushing things...*yes, stupid me*. We ended up going to watch a movie the following day and 2 months later, we are still hanging out, seeing where it goes.

This post is not about him. He is great and all, but this is about me. My major trip about the whole thing is that I work! I work!!! I thought that I could not get with anyone again. Thought I was too disillusioned for marathon texting and 2-hour calls. Grateful that I can make plans for dinner, dancing, a movie, drinks, coffee…and not think that the heavens are going to come crashing down on my head for daring to even think that I can be young and free again.

Reading over what I have written, I admit that it sounds a bit theatrical, but I don’t care! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I work!!


  1. How sweet! here's wishing you the very best dear...Yes, you work!

  2. u go wit your bad
    Enjoy d liberation sis!

  3. This is too cute. It's amazing how scary it can be to break out of our rut, but yet how so invigorating and exciting when we discover the unexpected.

  4. In my head and around me, I tag you for the 30 days of thankfulness.
    Please don't break the chain.

  5. @ Nyemoni: Thank you for the wishes. Erm, why have you abandoned your blog? Update!!

    @ Ibilola: LOL!! I am and hopefully will continue to.

    @ Ore: I'm chuffed that you think it's cute. I did not even realise I was in a scary is that?

    @ Oracle: Oh no!! I was glad to have escaped the tagging...but I guess it's time to join this train.

  6. Be young and free and enjoy spending time with your friend.

    Hey, I was going to ask you to confirm your email address for me because I've tried several times to contact you about the clothing drive for the orphanage. Alas, I realized that I was sending the email to the wrong address. An email from me should be headed your way :-)

  7. Hmm.....why are you trying to be stingy with gist now? Oya spill make we read jo!

    It's good to know you're getting on with life. I'm happy for you ojare.

  8. Thats so nice. Happy for u. How is ur kid? hope u all r ok

  9. cute...I understand being jaded and being thoroughly shocked at being able to feel....

    Enjoy hon...

  10. Very sweet!
    but this type of jist will only leave us hungry for more. why are the details very absent?

    on a serious note, really happy for you. i guess with time we just easily forget what its like to be "there"... Enjoy and i pray God keeps a smile on your face

  11. Hmm life is good..enjoy life!!!! By d way we want gist ooo

  12. lol... this is very cute

  13. find time to have fun in between girl, thats wat this life is all about u know,,,,

  14. okay this is weird normally people aren't so geeked about work
    but good for you
    this zest for work i hope it stays for a while

  15. You go girl! show them the true meaning of work-life balance, we're rooting for you!

  16. Eyaaa...your story is just like mine too. My life's a routine here. I haven't been in a relationship for over 5 years now and never met any1 dat's attracted to me. I pray it works out for u and dat u take it to d 'next level'.

  17. @ Gbemi's Piece: Thanks I will. I have responded to your mail.

    @ Desola: There really is no gist o! For real.

    @ NikkiSab: She's great, thanks for being happy for me.

    @ Uzo: I will...thank you.

    @ Fumosh: Gist ke? you and Desola want to know more but there is really no gist.

    @ Aloted: Et tu?

    @ OWNB: Long time no see you here. I hope you feel all better.

    @ Ms Emmotions: I used to know that and I am having fun finding out all over again.

    @ Kafo: You didn't read the post. LOL!

    @ Misan: And neither did you....I don catch you!

    @ Wienna: That was an interesting comment. I hope your are out of a rut now. 5 years is a long time. I am not in a r/ship with this dude...we just hang out and that for me is sort of preparatory for when I do decide that I want to get with someone. I am not limiting myself to him. It might be someone else. I'ld advice that you find a hang-out should help you break up your monotonous routine and prepare you for the real thing

  18. Hi girl..just to let you know you've been tagged! Check my blog for more details and make sure you follow the rules.

  19. Awww this is sooo sweet and I'm happy for you :-D

    Enjoy it oh jare. Loving the picture you used as your analogy.

  20. uhhh , ha long time no gist ,Enjoy enjoy , I use to have a gisting partner like that but he got too 'sexy for his shirt'I dumped him like a bad tissue---

  21. beautiful one! i understand abt d feeling that he's rushing things - na me bi dat in a nutshell. work is good too, & going home at times can be more exciting dan going 4 a date. good 2 hear d bf is performing.

  22. ah, in my head. This made me think. Again.


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