Monday, October 01, 2007

An almost passenger

I was in Surulere the other day and a mad man (complete with matted dreadlocks and a loincloth) was standing near a speed bump. Naturally, as I went over the speed bump, I had to slow down. This guy actually reached out and tried to open the door behind. Luckily all the doors were locked. I was in shock!!

If the door was open, would he have tried to get in the car? Would I have been quick enough to drive off even if it meant losing my door and possibly injuring him? If all of that had failed, what would he have wanted if he managed to get in the car? A ride? Some conversation? Money? Would fellow drivers that witnessed him getting in my car have stopped to help get him out?

The questions are endless. Just so you don’t have to find yourself answering any of these questions anytime in the future, please always lock your doors when you get in your car.

You never know o! E fit be you!


  1. 'nuff crack-heads full lagos nah. Thank God nothing untoward happened

  2. He just needed a ride, or better still he wanted to ask you how much you bought the car. (Just kidding)

    Thank God your door was locked.
    Guess it would have been a different story.

  3. Ole ni e. U too dey fear sha. lol. I'm glad u're not hurt though.

  4. chei, i'm happy for you o! i'm kinda playing the scenario in my head and that's what i call a real panic situation! thanks for the tip, car doors sahll always stay locked!!!!!

  5. LOL...I was chased by a mad boy with an umbrella. I was driving and there were people with me. I see the boy and wonder why this naked child is carrying an unbrella. As i pass him, he turns around and begins to chase my car and hit my car with the umbrella a few times...Dont really know what to say..except always keep your doors locked

  6. Ma mi!! dis na lesson to learn o, i go de lock door all d time for moto o. Thank goodness ur doors were locked.

  7. @Ugo: Yeah, it was a blessing that it did not go beyond what had occured. Thanks.

    @ Oracle: he would have asked an empty seat b/c I would have gotten out of there fast.

    @ wienna: Thanks dear. Actually, I no dey fear easily. I hardly panic.

    @ writefreak: Yes O! They should.

    @ Uzo: For real? Lol!! maybe he thought hitting your car will lead to a shower of rain. (Fragile rock).

    @ catwalq: Nah real wah!

    @ nikkisab: It's a small act, but a lot of us overlook it. It could save us from even those touts that stand on the road claiming to be law enforcement agents. They love to jump in people's cars.

  8. Thank God your doors were locked. That could have been no mad man. Maybe another form of disguise for thiefs in lagos? U never know what they are up to I swear.

  9. @ CG...True....very true some of these 'mad' people are just thieves in disguise.
    @ IMHAAM....sorry about the scare! stay safe.

  10. nawa o..serious matter...thank God it is not another story we are saying now...
    thanks for the tip o..though i usually lock the door when am in a car...
    pele dia!

  11. YEPA! Seriously e fit be anybody o! God help us... LOL..

  12. @CG: very valid point. I did not think about it that way, but knowing Lagos you're probably dead on.

    @mrs somebody: Thanks o!

    @aloted: Thanks dear.

    @olamid: Glad I could be of service

    @wienna: Right about now

    @Nyemoni: Yes O!

  13. I'll probably be scared to my shoes. Mad people and me are best kept miles apart.


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