Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gaining Fashion Consciousness..the second part.

Perhaps the month I conceived (that sounds really grown –up) my daughter, I bought my first pair of high heeled slippers. They were brown with leather upper and wooden soles. The heels were 3.5” high and stiletto-ish. My friends and family were surprised as I have only done a maximum of 2.5” and they had to be solid block heels. Not for me the thin needle thin heels that my mates seem to favor. I always liked stability. Anyway, this time, my colleague in trying to make a sale, asked me to try on the slippers and walk around with them on. I did and I was curiously comfortable, so I bought them.

Those slippers did wonders for me. My scatter -scatter walk immediately got corrected. The fact that I was wearing heels forced me to walk slower and presto! I was walking daintily. The juju in those shoes also appeared to make me walk straighter. My boyfriend at the time was 6ft 4” to my 5ft 6” (okay, okay, 5ft 5” and something). It was great to bridge the gap.

I must have been about a month pregnant at the time. Feeling bolder and wanting to replicate this new found chicness in black, I asked my sister to buy me high heeled shoes when she travelled to England. When I received my new shoes, the heels were even more dainty and had more ratings on the chicness scale. I tottered around in them, they were so dainty! I was so into wearing my heels that I stopped wearing anything but my two new best friends. It got to a point that one day when I went for antenatal, a nurse called me aside and told me that pregnancy and heels don't go together and that I should go and invest in some flats. Scheew! I resented the fact that I had to (temporarily) say good bye to my shoes but I had to do what was best for my baby.

As my stomach grew, I started rotating the same old clothes all the time. Maternity clothes are frightfully ugly and the really nice ones are frightfully expensive. Pilgrimage to Self, you know how that is, dont you? My mum predicted that after at least 4 months of forced dowdiness, I would want to show the world my fashionable side. She said that for a lot of women, once they drop their "load" they suddenly go to the full hog fashion wise and even make several fashion faux pas trying to prove to the world that baby or no baby, they still have a great body.

sorry, can't finish this now. Will do so ASAP.


  1. I am enjoying your story o..pls do quick and finish it :)

  2. Sweet story. Can't wait for the rest. This Snapvine sef. I refuse to get one!


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