Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yanga na pain o!...just rambling

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones." -Helena Rubenstein

It rained this morning. Actually, no. It rained all the way from last night till this morning. A constant flow that it didn't let up for a second. I was worried about the floods that would surely come about and how they would affect my ability to get to work, so bright and early (earlier than usual) this morning I left my house so that I could beat the mad rush for a cab. I was wearing my black heels which are fast becoming my knock-about. I love them because they give easy glamour to whatever I am wearing. I walked to the major road in search of a cab, stood for a few minutes but there were absolutely no cabs so I decided to walk down the road, a bus-stop away. Chei, mistake... The shoes chose just that time to show me pepper. Every step was pain.

I hobbled and hobbled for over 10 minutes. I can usually make the trip in 5 minutes, but I had to count every step. Lookers-on would have seen a girl walking elegantly (heels tend to do that for you). It was excruciating though. I saw an okada pass by and actually allowed myself to contemplate it then shrugged off the thought as quickly as it came. Abeg, life isn't that bad. Not that i have never ridden on bikes o! When I lived in Eket there was no other means of transport. But I digress.

Anyways, I started thinking about the pain and work that goes hand in hand with looking even passably good. I had gone to the salon last week to do my hair. Normally I have braids on because I can not afford the hours it takes to groom my hair to every week. Anyways, there was this chic there. I came in as she had fixed false nails on her hands and toes. She then had her hair done and at the time I was leaving, she was having false eyelashes attached. Lots of work, but man, she looked beautiful. I had to compliment her on my way out. She probably does that every week-spending a minimum of 4 hours at the salon. Then probably go gyming to maintain her figure. Eat only protein for weeks to stay slim. Wax to get rid of unwanted hair. Spend unmentionable sums of money on clothes. And at the end of the day, some one will say: She's effortlessly beautiful. Hmmm. Or even worse some guy will ask her why she does not more of an effort. Double hmmm.

This post is fast not becoming what I had in my mind, so I'll stop. See y'all.

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