Monday, September 04, 2006

Music, Food for the Soul

For a long time now, I stopped listening to music at work. You know, the sort of I-have-earphones-in-my-ears-leave-me-alone listening. Well, I did it today and man, what a buzz! Music is really food for the soul. I was so productive!! I sorted out all my outstanding projects, a policy I had written and basically sat on for 2 months got whisked out of my drawer and worked on, all you-have-to-think-and-type-related things were finished and I was just there twiddling my thumbs looking for more work that would keep me on my seat and listening to the songs and perpertuating the high I was getting from it.

I have always loved music and even have an eclectic taste in the thingy,. I listen to classical, rock, r&b, hip-hop, pop, new it I am there. However, I have found myself giving excuses about listening to music. No time. No light/power. I have to read. I need to concentrate. No more. This is too good not to do!



  1. Music is definitely good for the soul. In the past, I did the whole earphones at work thing until I wore out the foam and had to throw them out. I've been too lazy to go out and buy another pair of earphones. Enjoy the music. I agree, it's too good not to do.


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