Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And we are (almost) back

I did not abandon my blog. Some things happened that made it almost impossible to blog. Laptop went Kaput. (I am holding NEPA responsible for that one. Maybe I should get the House of Reps to probe them on my behalf. LOL!) and I was so busy at work I could not afford the time to blog at work.

And then a whole month later I got a new laptop, 4GB RAM...I am in speedy heaven, but my internet connection at home has been spotty ever since. I can't even read blogs unless I hook up with my phone. I can not begin to tell you about all the withdrawal symptoms I went through but I am glad its *almost* over.

Proper post later!
(And the reply I owe too)

I am going to do my rounds now.

Thank you all, for the mails and checking up on me.


  1. dont u just hate the kinda havoc nepa can wreck@#$%^&*

    protect this one!!!!!!!!

  2. I was begin to wonder! Welcome back :)

    And pls get UPS...Nepa cannot come and spoil the new laptop o!!!

  3. 4gb ram. that's a powerhouse. hopefully it will serve you unless nepa killes it with surges

    nice to see you back

  4. Welcome back love, we missed you in this waters...

    $gb, I jealouse u oh....I need a new one too, mine is begining to go kolomental...

  5. Ah was wondering what happened to you! Welcome back!!! Ah i want your laptop..lol..and tell me about NEPA, they have been a bit kind to us around here though, most times 12 midnight to 12 noon except the past 2 days...

  6. i had the same problem until i got this HOT SEXY new LAPTOP seriously i am sooooooooo back because of HIM he is beautiful not as fast as yours but at 3GB ram with 200GB harddrive and an AMD processor i am soooo high

    and this is an upgrade from my Old trusty which had 128MB of ram

    can u imagine

    welcome ALMOST back

  7. yaay, she's back!! welcome back dear! Pele about the laptop, hope the new one's NEPA proof?

  8. Chei!

    it happuns ooh eyah

    it happuns!

    but 4gb RAM!!!

    nizze one o!


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