Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open letter to Madam House of Reps Speaker

Shame! Shame on you. The suffering of your people do not touch you at all. Shame! The amounts of money that you spend on projects reflect your lack of decency. The amounts are vulgar to hear.

In a country where children go uneducated because their parents can not afford to send them to school.

Where people go hungry because they lack N10 for food.

Where families huddle together under a bridge because they lack shelter.

Where children carry goods on their head and sell from morning till night so that they can eke out some sort of life for themselves.

Where the police shoot people dead over a N20 bribe.

I went to a school that charged N220.00 for a semesters tuition. I found out that some people were so poor they had to pay twice. When the fee was raised to N420.00 there was a riot.

To put it in perspective, my mates in other (not private) universties were paying as much as N10,000. Also, my weekly allowance was more than N420

My friend went to school with a guy who could not afford to have his bath with soap more than 3 times a week. He could only afford a bar of soap per semester.

I could go on and on but find that I do not even need to paint this picture for you. YOU KNOW. You just choose not to see it. I am sick and tired of people stealing money and getting away with it.

I had great hopes when you were made speaker. "A woman would have the sensitivity a man may lack" I said to myself. You proved me wrong.

I have a blogger friend whose morning prayer includes asking the Almighty to kill all the corrupt politicians. I told her she was too harsh, but you give me reason to re-think my stand. I almost wish for the justice of the Japanese. Maybe that will wake people like you up.

I understand that you mother says that this is the work of your political detractors. That does not concern me. Their motive is not important here. It is what you are doing that is.
I am sick and tired of paying tax and having your ilk do with it as they wish. You all are what makes Nigeria bad.


This is me being tired of not talking about things that affect me.
Me I go yarn, Me I go speak my mind. Make we yarn, you think say we blind.


  1. wat did u expect she is an hairdresser and so ko ri ola ri(she hasnt seen money before) and until you and I rise up to the challenge and listen to the cry of the people stand up to contest and win political office and say no to money politics then i'm sorry you will rant away like this again in a couple of months when her replacement (that is if she is ever impeached) will do something more ridiculous. e.g Tafa and Ehindero.

    the land is green and the harvest is ready but there are no labourers.

  2. That woman astonishes me.

    Can bloggers actively and concertedly support candidates for the next elections? Just thought of that now.

  3. @Ugo: Thank you.

    @nonesuch: I understand that the PDP is moving to protect her as much as possible. Clearly, what she has done sits well with them. After all, she is their cash cow. Milking us dry (tax) and turning the money over to them.

    @laspapi: I strongly believe that together we have a voice. A clear and strong one which will resound far and wide.

  4. Sad, sad, really sad.... I have no words for this...I though at least that as a wife, mother and one who has tasted being the common man she would have more sense... SHAME indeed! Well done..

  5. I am deeply appalled!...I have a post & pics & all on this subject. This woman is a crook and considering the fact that since she ascended into her exalted throne of speakerdom, she has not even sponsored a bill or help enact a policy to help alleviate the sufferings of poor Nigerian women, rape victims, children and the weak; but to now indulge herself in such criminal act is despicable.

  6. N629m on official residences? are you kidding me??


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