Friday, February 02, 2007

Toss It Out!

Yesterday morning, I had to throw out all the raw meat in the freezer. Out went the minced meat, goat meat, sausages, shrimps...all of the good stuff. My mum was able to salvage the Oha soup, pureed tomatoes, boiled meat and a few other things.

Yes, you guessed it. NEPA/PHCN issues are back again. We have not had constant electricity for a while. Funny thing is that we have 3 generators that are to supply us electricity but for some odd reason we have been caught with our pants down and not enough electricity to carry the freezer. Okay, not exactly odd reason. We had relaxed on fixing the generator that usually carries the freezer and the second one that carries it just stopped being able to do so about a month ago. I can't figure out why. The last one is a small one that just carries the lights and the fan.

I told someone about what happened to the food and she went " Ah! You would have boiled everything and tucked in." I can't help wondering if this chic is for real. I should sit down and eat all that food just so it does not go bad. Hmmm, I would go bad.

Anyway, NEPA/PHCN is lucky there was no kpomo, shaki, brokoto or roundabout in the freezer. If those ones had gone bad, I would certainly have gone after them. LOL!


  1. NEPA and their madness. When I return, I think what I'm going to have to get used to most is the unpredictable power supply.

    Chai! Here I am crying woe is me that I haven't eaten Nigerian food in a while and someone is telling me she threw away a fridge-full of stuff?

    When stuff is on the verge of going bad at home and my mom is sure no one is interested in eating, she usually takes it out to other people. I think that's what you should have done. Waste no food...

  2. lol at ur friend that said u should boil it....
    didn't know NEPA has a new name or has been so not in touch...
    as long as there is a generator for light and fan am fine... that heat when there is no light is another level...

  3. @azuka: Your mum's method is great. I guess I am a bit wary about giving people food b/c I don't want anyone to blame me for food poisoning. Next time, I will act fast. Wait up!! I hope there will not be a next time.

    @ajike: NEPA is now PHCN aka Please Hold Candle Now. That small generator is a saving grace. I can safely say that the heat does not bother me anymore. It can do about 10hours on 4litres of fuel.

    @bluntremi: Unfortunately not! And this is despite all the promises made by the government.

  4. it is not only u nepa has been torturing oh.

    They've been doing 'now you see me,now you don't' in our area.Spoiling everything in the fridge and all.

    It was ok in december cause we had 247 light through out but i just knew it was too good to be true to last.

  5. When I topple a Nepa/PHCN official off a high ladder, I'll die happy.

  6. @ex schoolnerd: We had better be ready because I heard that PHCN said that there is no gas in the one thing, one thing... You know the usual story.

    @laspapi: No be just dem o! For me, it will be doing body harm to those police officers on the road.

    @Uzo: C'est La Vie

  7. Ouch - I am pained for you thinking about the food. Hmm - I dont know if i would have thrown out all that food unless it had already gone bad. Anything I could salvage, I would have cooked and thrown a come and eat my food party ;-)
    Since you saved the Oha - pack some and send it to me ;-) I've never had it before.

    PHCN - nice one!

  8. Pele hun. PHCN- Power HOlDING company Nigeria!

  9. This used to hapen to us a lot too. My mum had 2mighty freezers and Nepa would always do their stuff causing the raw meat and stuff to go bad. Sigh. Well, I guess its once bitten, twice shy for you guys. U really fo have to get a gen to carry ur freezer or u'll be throwing a whole lot more away soon.

  10. I remember my mum having to cook meat when this kind of thing happened- but then there were many hungry mouths to deal with the resulting spread

  11. oh no what a waste. I didn't think any neighbourhood was having it so bad with PHCN. People even went to protest at the PHCN office but whosai... no show the situation simply worsened now we're down to three four houirs of light on our "ON" days plus absolutely no light in the evenings.
    I really tire for this country


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