Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gated Music Festival

I was not at the LARGEST SHOW IN NIGERIA, but a friend of mine was and she took some pictures.

The ones I want to share are those of a rather disturbing gate that was used to demarcate those that had paid the premium ticket price of 100,000Naira from those that paid 30,000Naira to see the show for the two days it ran. The first picture is a close up of the "cage" whilst the second one shows properly the distance from the gate to where the premium payers were seated.

Through the gate, you can see the stage and also the big screen TV behind.

I had to re-work the 2nd picture to cut out the girl leaning on the gate (She's publicity shy). I just want y'all to see the distance to the stage.

When I saw these pictures, I was rather dismayed and thought to myself that this is just typical of Nigerians. Our need to prove that we are different from the masses just keeps finding new ways to humiliate those that have less than we do. Nouveau riche attitude really, something garish about it.

Well, trust my naija people, they eventually found their way into the VIP area on both days.

All that said sha, they obviously had FUN!!


  1. LOL....typical naija segregation...'cage' indeed!
    thanks for tht girl...

  2. Wow!.. Its not even that serious. Like I woulda have just stayed home.

  3. I really felt for them cos I knew I'd be there if I payed for the ticket. The distance was ridiculous! See pics from upfront on my blog.

  4. lol.. the cage no ez @ all... for 25,000 too? damn!!


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