Sunday, July 16, 2006

On the move again

I have always had a Vmobile line. I was with them when they were called ECONET. I passed through the worst sort of ribbing when they changed their name twice in quick succession. My friend would call me the girl that had the Econet, erm…vodacom…oops Vmobile line and ask me why I did not leave the confused network. Why? Because I love their service: especially their customer service.

Well, I have to don my armor to bounce off all the ribbing I am going to get again because they are about to become known as CELTEL. Yep, I am going to get it again!!

The girl with an Econet, erm…vodacom…oops Vmobile…no, Celtel line.
A.k.a the girl with a phone line formerly known as Econet.


  1. you might want to check this out it'll really help you out on the 0802 stuff. i like Vmobile mainly cos of their voicemail. i've got my secong line with them (which i hardly use though), first with the almighty GLO!


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